K500 Wi-Fi Sliding Gate Drive (230v)

K500 Wi-Fi Sliding Gate Drive (230v)
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K500 Wi-FI Sliding Gate Drive (230v)

K500 Wi-Fi - 500kg Sliding Gate Drive (230v)

K500 is an operator designed for the automatic operation of sliding gates and doors up to 500Kg of weight. Simple and functional, it can be used for any type of entrances of detached houses, apartment blocks and large companies premises but has 
K500 unit allow a fast and simple installation. The materials used to manufactured the various components protect them against water, dust and rust. The electric motors are protected by heat probes. The mechanical gears, with components lubricated using a special synthetic grease, have been designed and created to guarantee maximum strength and long-term reliability.
K500 with K-CRX control board is equipped of slowing down of the gate in approach, giving to the movement one feeling of still greater safety and fluidity.
With a 5 meters long gate it allows to obtain until 25 consecutive manouvers guaranteed before entering in pause of overheating.
The supplied iron plate permits to adjust the height of the operator and the ground implantation with expansion screws or through cementation of its parts.
The Wi-Fi controls mean that that the Nova WI-Fi safety beams, Vertigo Wi-Fi Safety beam, Strip Touch Wi-Fi & Key Selector Block Wi-Fi  that are can be added to operate with out any wires.  
Technical Data
K500- Wi-Fi
Maximum Gate Weight 500kg
Operating Speed 160mm
Maximum Thrust Force 400N
Maximum Torque 9.5Nm
Power Supply 230V
Power Absorbed  1.21A
Rack Module 4
Actuator Weight 8kg
Protection Grade IP54
Operating Temperature -10 to +55 ˚C
Daily Cycles Suggested 300
Service 60%
Number of Consecutive Cycles Guaranteed 25 @ 5m

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