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AA30036 SUPER 3600 FAST Fan-cooled, with built in S1 control board
SUPER is a heavy-duty unit made of cast iron and housing a fan-cooled electric motor protected by heat sensors and a highly precised limit switch system.                                                                         
SUPER is designed to operate gates weighing up to 4000 kg thanks to its reducer with its mechanical components immersed in an oil bath.                                                                                                             
Once installed, the unit only requires occasional maintenance to ensure an efficient and optimal service.                                               In over three decades of production, the SUPER has undergone only minimal modifications (mainly to its outer design), remaining one of the most successful RIB products throughout the world.     
SUPER 3600 FAST is equipped with S1 control boards built inside, without radio receiver, with gradual start, electronic adjustment of force, soft-stop in approaching and electronic brake.

**FAST OPERATORS are not suitable for installations in which the mobile gate leaf ends against a post, because the knocking of the gate against the fixed parts cannot always be prevented. The best solution for using FAST OPERATORS is when the gate leaf ends up next to the posts.
Max Gate weight (kg) 3600
Operating Speed (m/s) 0.33
Max Thrust Force (N) 2380
Max Torque (Nm) 99
Power Supply (V) 2300
Power Absorbed (A) 3.3
Rack Module 6
Actuator Weight (kg) 42
Protection Grade (IP) 55
Operating Temperature (°C) -10 - +55
Daily Cycles Suggested 700
Service 100%
Nr of consecutive cycles guar. 700/10m

S1 Control Board

- Automatic travel and operating time learning system
- Automatic closure
- Pre-blinking
- Gradual operation start (SUPER 2200)
- Adjustable low speed in approaching (SUPER 2200)
- Electronic brake (SUPER 2200)
- Electronic adjustment of force (SUPER 2200)
- Radio command, step by step (open-stop-close)
- Single command, step by step (open-stop-close)
- Directional open – close commands (with timer control)
- Stop command
- Pedestrian opening
- Automatic closing from the pedestrian
- Built in motor heater (SUPER 2200)
- Connector to insert the MASTER Wi-Fi to manage all the accessories completely wire-free.
- Connectable to photocells, strips, blinker, key selector, and buzzer.

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