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For over two decades Heritage Gates has been known for high quality gates and fencing, with exceptional attention to detail. With a wide range of traditional styles through to contemporary designs, the Heritage team can find the perfect solution for any property.

Heritage Gates started out in Wanganui in the 1990’s as a family business manufacturing wooden gates and fences using traditional manufacturing techniques and acquiring a reputation for high-quality craftsmanship. In 2009 aluminium gates were added to the range and over the years new ways of working with aluminium have been developed. In particular, Heritage have perfected the art of replicating traditional timber gate styles in full aluminium construction. This produces gates that look just like the old timber styles, but with the long-term durability and low-maintenance of aluminium.

In 2017, Heritage Gates & Fences was acquired by the family investment group behind Boundaryline Fencing Systems and Heritage was merged fully with Boundaryline in early 2020. (Learn more about Boundaryline at  The Heritage range of aluminium gates is now available through Boundaryline and Heritage is no longer providing an installation service, but working with network of trusted installers  throughout New Zealand.

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With two decades of experience in making the finest gates in New Zealand, we have the expertise to help you find the perfect solution for any property... Read More >

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