Guarantee of Quality


Heritage Gates and Fences guarantee that all our products are manufactured from quality materials and with quality workmanship. We stand by our reputation for quality.
We provide a five-year warranty on powder-coated aluminium gates and fences. We provide a two-year warranty on timber gates and fences; provided protective coatings with a minimum light reflectance value of 60% are applied prior to the product being exposed to the weather. 
Any warranty expressly excludes defects that have arisen as a result of vandalism, fair wear and tear, and climatic conditions. Particularly, timber gates are made from a natural product and some movement of the timber and formation of surface splits will occur with exposure to the weather; these features are not covered by any warranty.
We provide a two-year warranty on automation and access equipment.
This guarantee is dependent on the product being maintained in accordance with our maintenance guidelines and does not cover damage done to the gate by inadequate or inappropriate hardware or installation. 
Conditions apply to the above summary; full details of our warranties are available on request.


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